Everytime i post my staff application it cuts off at "what's your age", help?
appologuys for the issues earlier, they should be fixed now
whys everyone uninstalling tf2 and tha
Worked thanks!
Just uninstalled tf2, imma try again
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New Management and Changes!

Che Guevara OWNER posted Sep 23, 17

New Management and Changes!


As you all may have noticed, Ben, the founder, has not been around as much the last couple of days. In the following piece I will write a bit about that, but first, I would like to congratulate Jumpz for receiving his promotion to Star Wars RP Server Manager, and also Blunt for receiving his promotion to Star Wars RP Head Moderator.

Over the last few weeks a lot has happened for NXG, and a lot will continue to happen in the near future. There has been a shift in the hierarchy, with one of the most notable cases being Ben, the founder, handing over his executive role as owner of the server to Jasper and my self. Ben will be keeping his rank as founder, but stepping down to a more laid back role. Also there as been many notible changes in the way that developers will be managed with the end goal to increase there satisfaction whilst working as part of NXG!

-Thank you for supporting us through the changes!

PoshSandwich VIPPAC Congratulations all!


Yiiro FOUNDER posted Aug 24, 17


With the recent efforts from all the incredible players and staff not only have we seen a big increase in group page members but we have also seen an increase in active regimental players and a more activer playerbase, which is fantastic, and you can all thank yourselves for improving the server and making it better for everyone! in light of all this fantastic news we are going to increase the slots to 64 to see how we do, we often find ourselves with 60/60 players which is restricting some players from coming on not giving everyone an equal chance to rank up through the regiments or jedi order! we will trial test the 64 slots and if we find ourselves hitting max slots we will then quickly upgrade the slots again within the next week until we find a right amount where all of our players can play!

Me and the hierarchy of NXG want to thank all the staff and players for showing great support and creating a fantastic SWRP server for everyone to enjoy, thank you all.

- Yiiro, founder of NXG.

Big Sale on all store items!!

Yiiro FOUNDER posted Aug 10, 17

To celebrate our group page hitting 500 members we have decided to make a sale for up to 50% off on selected items, we have discounted everything on the store to celebrate so make sure you grab your selected packages! :D I hope everyone enjoys, feel free to get in contact with me if you have any issues.

NXG Founder,


Just a few reminders!

Yiiro FOUNDER posted Jul 21, 17

Just a few quick reminders, tomorrow we will be having a community meeting at 7PM where we will briefely discuss the release of our new NRP server on the 5th of August!

Also we will talk about a few other general community things and just overlook how the community is getting along, I hope you can all attend, see you tomorrow at 7PM.

We are announcing a few new things for SWRP also, for example a potential new donator system for the server!

We also have staff meetings tonight as normal so hope you can all attend, we have also recently added the HK custom job to the store, he has very nicely handed it over for us to sell the ownership for a very cheap price for what the value of the job is! Throughout the next two weeks at some point we will be doing a flash sale for majority of the donator items / ranks. 

Yesterday's Map Differs Error

This is a brief explanation for anyone who struggled to join the server yesterday night due to the "Your map differs from the server" error we experienced yesterday.

Yesterday the map we use, Rishimoon, received an update. This update changed how the lighting of the map looked, added a draw distance to the map (this has fixed most our lag issues) and added a few new areas to the map! However we were unfortunately quite slow at realizing that the map had updated meaning many of you will have struggled to join yesterday!

Luckly as of yesterday night, Me and Luke managed to ironed out any issues with the server automatically updating the map meaning this issue shouldn't be experienced again! If anyone is still experiencing this issue, please message me on steam and I will try aid you in fixing the map error client side!

Thank you all for your support,

- Emperor Che Guevara

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